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The 3GS introduces a digital compass for improved GPS navigation, enabling the iPhone Maps app to display directions based on which direction a user is facing. Another major addition to the handset is an improved, 3-megapixel camera, which includes autofocus, auto-white-balance and video-recording capabilities. A less-expected new feature of iPhone 3GS is a voice-control interface. By loading an app, users will be able to dictate commands to perform various tasks, such as calling a contact or playing a song in the phone's iTunes library.

Looking ahead, the iPhone 3GS includes support for 7. Gartenberg said this price cut is significant because it will force rivals to devise new solutions to compete.

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Though the new iPhone 3GS does not come with a new look, it will still attract early adopters, Bajarin said. The revamped lineup of phones should help Apple pull ahead of competitors like the newly launched Palm Pre and the BlackBerry phones, Bajarin said. Apple also slashed prices across its MacBook line. Apple's aggressive pricing for its MacBook line and the price drop on its lightweight MacBook Air will not compromise much on its profit margins, Bajarin said.

But it is still based on the earlier Leopard version's code base, Bajarin said, which means Apple can afford to give it away for a lower price. The iPhone 3G and new MacBooks begin selling today with their new price tags. September is the scheduled release for Snow Leopard. Gadget Lab covered today's announcements live from the Moscone Center, where Apple made them as part of its Worldwide Developers Conference. Scroll down for the blow-by-blow and more photos.

Some stats about WWDC: Apple reports 3GS now has 9 hours internet surfing on Wi-Fi compared to 6 hours on the 3G 12 hours of 2G talk time up from 10 hours. Environmental soapbox: So far all of our predictions have been right. Compass app is integrated into Maps, which orients to the direction you're facing. You can also choose to call his work or home by saying "work" or "home". You can ask iPhone What's playing now? And the iPhone will speak back to you the song artist and title. Improvements to Camera. Auto-focus, auto-white balance, auto-exposure.

Also low-light sensitivity is improved. Macro photo of something as close as 10 cm away. Best thing about this camera: It also captures video. This is the most powerful, fastest iPhone we've ever made. Loading NY Times — 2. All these speed tests running against iPhone 3G. BlackBerry barely broke 1, Palm has Here we go. He's talking about the iPhone 3G.

Will we hear about a new iPhone now? No, not yet. More iPhone 3. Free for all iPhone customers. It will be available worldwide June They're working together on an app. They're on stage with an electric guitar. Using the accessory framework you can connect an iPhone to the Line6 amp and then you can choose different amp effects! This is exactly what we were asking for in our Dongleware wishlist. Some examples: Turn an electric six string into an acoustic string.

Another neat trick: You can change the tuning of the guitar strings without even touching the guitar strings. Tuning app will let you adjust each string. Some "woots" in the audience. Luke Schneider of Zipcar is on stage.

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He's demoing the Zipcar iPhone app. Jonathan is picking up his friend, but he doesn't have a car. He taps the Zipcar app to instantly find a Zipcar location. Then a map pops up and he can search, pan and zoom into Zipcar locations all around the city. Tapping on a location presents location information.

From there on he can choose a car! Shows the price, car info, and he can set the amount of time he needs it for. Forgot where he parked? He can also hear where his car is by simply tapping a horn icon on the iPod and an unlock icon unlocks the car. He's showing a game called Star Defense, a tower-defense strategy game that takes place across 3D planets. You defend a 3D globe against alien ants and other creatures. They're adding a store to buy an expansion pack.

Also, push-to-play challenges that allows you to play head-to-head with other players who send invites.

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Wayne Grant of Pasco is up next. An educational iPhone app for collecting, displaying and analyzing science data.

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It's called Spark. Selected a graph that depicts when a balloon bursts. Scott Forstall is performing a demo. Their balloon inflater doesn't appear to be working. Crowd is laughing at them. If it worked, the app's graph would show the pressure increasing then dropping because the balloon expands.

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It will securely dock your iPhone, attach it to your windshield. You can rotate it to use iPhone in portrait or landscape. It also includes a microphone for hands-free calling and listening to your music. It also powers your iPhone as you drive. TomTom uses GPS to give you the best route depending on the time of day based on traffic and other factors. The Roaming and Wi-Fi reports offer similar information, but are less useful.

How often do we really roam? And who really cares about data consumption over Wi-Fi? Regardless, you can set up to three alarms for each type of data usage. Under each section, you can also access easy-to-understand charts that show your data usage over time, as well as a map showing data usage levels by location. Set the app to Detailed Mode, and it will also gather real-time stats on an app-by-app basis.

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This is useful for seeing which specific apps suck the most data hello, Tunein. If you want the nitty, gritty details of your data use in a well-organized package, then My Data Manager is for you. Similar data management is directly available in Android 4.

The Onava Extend app gets you more for your byte by compressing the data you use while checking emails, using apps, and browsing the web. But once installed, Onava Extend automatically does all of the work. The app can double or even triple your data plan, depending on how you use it. For example, Onava Extend can compress emails up to 80 or 90 percent. Onava Extend does what it claims. You can even see how much data the app has saved total, and on an app-by-app basis. Of all the iOS apps I tested, Data Usage provided the most crucial information a smartphone user would want to know.

For example, the app calculates ideal usage both to avoid extra charges and to get the most out of your data plan , whether an overage is likely, and projected usage based on your data habits. You can see the history of your cellular or Wi-Fi data usage in the History tab. Swiping right on an artist, album, or playlist lets you start playing right away in order or shuffle. Swiping left lets you add an item to your up next queue at either the top or the bottom. Cesium also offers support for 3D Touch, letting you peek and pop into albums and artists, which gives you more options to queue up your music.

The only thing missing is Last. With the Playlist Grouping setting, you can view your playlists as groups of albums, artists, composers, or genres, and navigate them like a mini-library. When you view them, you get an overview of composers, and can view their works as pieces instead of albums. Ecoute is a much prettier app than Cesium.

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  6. It even has Last. Visually, Ecoute is one of the best Music app replacements, at least as long as you have album art for all your songs. Anything missing album art will just have a boring, gray double-eighth note icon on a white square. While the grid view in Ecoute is attractive, it lacks information density.

    On my iPhone 6S, I can only see six albums or artists at a time, and I keep a lot of music on my phone. Where Ecoute falls down is where Cesium excels: Accessible from the clock icon on the Now Playing screen, rearranging and removing songs already in the queue is easy. You can also add music to the queue, top or bottom, from the navigation panes by long pressing an item, which is a lot easier. Adding new songs from the queue screen, however, is a finicky process that requires tapping a plus icon, navigating your library, and tapping another plus icon.

    When you add to you queue this way, no matter what, your new selection gets added to the top of the queue. Most other apps have a tab bar on the bottom to make this easier. Ecoute does, however, have Last. This is a deal-breaker for passionate music scrobblers. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a car that supports CarPlay. However, since Stezza, like all iOS Music app replacements, is just a controller for the stock music app, you can use Siri to stat picking new albums or playlists instead.

    It does have an iPad app if you prefer to use one as your in-car music device. The iPad app takes advantage of the larger display to add buttons for volume control, but otherwise works the same as the iPhone app. The UI is very distinctive, with a grid of album art that scrolls on its own, at least if you have enough to fill the screen.

    TapTunes also has a couple of unique features, including a redundant watchOS app and a custom widget for playback controls.