Web application running very slow

TechieJoe the site does call out to 2 different dbs, but even pages that don't reach out to them are slow initially, and then things speed up after that inital load. Even pages that have heavy db access are quick during that time until next application pool connection timeout NOT IIS idle timeout.

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Look at what happens when the request gets to the runtime. When ASP. NET receives the first request for any resource in an application, a class named ApplicationManager creates an application domain. Application domains provide isolation between applications for global variables, and allow each application to be unloaded separately.

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Within an application domain, an instance of the class named Hosting Environment is created, which provides access to information about the application such as the name of the folder where the application is stored. After all core application objects have been initialized, the application is started by creating an instance of the HttpApplication class.

If the application has a Global. NET instead creates an instance of the Global. See How it happens. Subin Jacob Subin Jacob 2, 5 27 Guide was helpful, but the issue here was being caused by 3rd party software trying to load files that weren't there. See the answer below.

Network problems

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How to Fix Slow Google Chrome - Taking Too Long to Load

Sign up using Email and Password. The pressure builds for you to finally fix that slow application everyone depends upon. Where to start? Here are five all-too-common reasons your application performs like molasses on a cold day — and ways to find and fix them. The problem: From there, JavaScript code processes hundreds or thousands of rows of data, which can cause multi-second pauses before the client display updates.

The solution: To identify the culprit, you must understand the interactions between multiple components in an application. Fortunately, the network provides a perfect vantage point for ADM, meaning the network team can significantly help the application and server teams.

Application problems: slow processing times

Keep in mind, however, that using packet capture tools to discover whether the network or application is to blame could take many, many hours of work. Once the proper monitoring points and basic configurations are set up, it provides immediate ROI and is a breeze to use. Applications developed on a fast LAN with a small data set seem to operate smoothly in the lab.

But once rolled out into production, all bets are off. And, as the database continues to grow, so does your downtime. In fact, just one client request can result in many database requests or the transfer of a significant volume of data. Simply making the database query more efficient typically solves the problem.

The 10 Most Common Web App Performance Problems

This issue can also cause your servers to slow down, hindering the performance of your site and harming your brand. One solution is by setting up an early warning system using simulated user monitoring systems such as NeoSense. Doing so will help you see when traffic is impacting transactions before users are affected negatively by the experience.

Even the name of your website can affect its performance as HTML title tags are essential to its success.

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These tags sum up the entire content of your website or web page to major search engines such as Google. However, a lack of specificity in your domain name can lower its visibility.

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  • The 10 Most Common Web App Performance Problems.
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This is due to the fact that sometimes site owners use the same title throughout their website, which causes search engines to look for duplicate title tags and pares them, causing sites to lose traffic. The tool will offer you information on HTML errors such as missing title tags, duplicate meta descriptions, missing descriptions and more.

When developing and testing a site, businesses often rely on a local network environment. This may not seem like an issue at first because adding visual, audio, video or other high-volume data may not affect your local network. Make sure you optimize your bandwidth usage for a performance boost. Some of the elements you can include are the minification of JavaScript , the minification of all CSS, server side HTTP compression and optimization of image size and resolution.

Developing a website with higher than expected traffic may lead to issues that require increased scalability.

Troubleshooting Slow Applications: Why We Always Blame the Network

Many of these problems boil down to the coding of these sites, while others could be related to server issues, faulty HTML code, and DNS roadblocks. SEO, compression, and well-written code with a solid infrastructure are among the elements you need to consider in anticipation of any web application performance issues that may arise. Common web application performance issues include slow servers, poorly written code, traffic spikes and weak HTML tags.