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While those are the 12 effects available with the free app, you can purchase additional packages with an in-app purchase. The app comes with 8 frames, and like with the filters, you can get additional styles with an in-app purchase. You can save the photo to your library, copy it or mail it. From there you can also share it directly on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. FotoEditor [iTunes link], like Effects HD allows you to quickly edit your photos but comes with more effects that you can apply to your photos.

Hit the flower icon to open a photo from your photo album.

The best free photo and video editing apps for iPad

You can then apply any of the effects available such as grayscale, negative or sepia. Of you can share it directly from the app on Facebook, Twitter or Picasa. If you want to start all over again, hit the restore button to remove all changes you made to your image.

Like with Effects HD, you can take a photo using your iPad 2 camera, or select a photo from your library to edit using Adobe Photoshop Express. You can adjust the photo, cropping, rotating, and straightening it. Movement can be added through importing up to three videos and later exporting your creation as a GIF. Pic Collage hits that sweet spot of unlocking creativity in an immediate, usable manner. You get results fast. Plotaverse is an image editor and social network very much of the opinion that photographs are a bit rubbish unless they move.

The process is simple: Naturally, there are limitations.

The 10 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone (12222 Edition)

The system tends to work well with flowing subjects such as water or clouds and geometric patterns. Still, you can create amazing videos with a minimum of effort. The social networking bit is less impressive, as are cheesy effects overlays free and paid that are available for download.

But in bringing a touch of Harry Potter to even the most mundane of snaps, Plotaverse feels like a little piece of magic on your iPad. This effect can be strengthened or weakened by swiping across the canvas. Rather than aping cameras and film types, Prisma is interested in traditional art — everything from classical to manga is fair game. On iPad, you might question its relevance. It's become apparent that Adobe - creators of photography and graphic design powerhouses Photoshop and Illustrator - don't see mobile devices as suitable for full projects. However, the company's been hard at work on a range of satellite apps, of which Photoshop Fix is perhaps the most impressive.

Built on Photoshop technology, this retouching tool boasts a number of high-end features for making considered edits to photographs. The Liquify tool in particular is terrific, enabling you to mangle images like clay, or more subtly adjust facial features using bespoke tools for manipulating mouths and eyes. Elsewhere, you can smooth, heal, color and defocus a photo to your heart's content, before sending it to Photoshop on the desktop for further work, or flattening it for export to your Camera Roll.

It's particularly good when used with the Apple Pencil still a funny name and the iPad Pro, such is the power and speed of that device and input method. Making apps approachable is a good thing on mobile, but sometimes photo editors go a bit far, flinging all kinds of detritus into the mix stickers; gaudy frames; a million indistinguishable filters. With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom , you instead get a more sedate and distinctly professional offering — although one that nonetheless retains plenty of immediacy. The basic toolset includes cropping, rotation, a bunch of measured and genuinely useful presets, and an editor for adjusting tones, vignettes, colors and lens issues.

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There are loads of apps for making basic edits to photos and slapping on some words, but Little Moments stands out primarily through being rather jolly if a little twee at times and being extremely easy to use. Load in a pic or use the camera to shoot a new one , and you can quickly add a filter, adjust things like saturation and contrast, overlay some text boxes, and get creative with quotes and stickers. Weirdly, the last two of those things are pixelated when browsing through the app, but look just fine when added and sadly many of the categories also sit behind in-app purchases.

But everything else about Little Moments is a joy, from the non-destructive adjustments unless you select a new filter, whereupon everything resets to the friendly, intuitive interface. The App Store's awash with alternate cameras with editing smarts, but MuseCam warrants a place on your iPad's home screen nonetheless. As a camera, it's fine, with an on-screen grid and plenty of manual settings.

But on Apple's tablet, it's in editing that MuseCam excels. Load a photo and you can apply a film-inspired filter preset based on insight from pro photographers , or fiddle around with tone curves, color tools, and other adjustment settings. The interface is bold, efficient, and usable, making it accessible to relative newcomers; but there's also enough depth here to please those wanting a bit more control, including the option to save tweaks as custom presets.

IAP comes in the form of additional filters, but what you get for free is generous and of a very high quality, making MuseCam a no-brainer download.

Best 5 Photo Apps for iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad Pro

Although Photofy includes a decent range of tools for performing typical edits on photos - including adjustments, cropping, saturation, and the like - this app is more interested in helping you get properly creative. The interface works well through bold, tappable buttons and chunky sliders although it takes a while to realise the pane containing the latter can be scrolled. And although some filters and stickers require IAP to unlock, there's loads available here entirely for free. Also, Photofy rather pleasingly gives you alternatives for its watermark, if you don't want to pay to remove it, but aren't too keen on the default.

Formerly known as Replay, Quik is a video editor primarily designed for people who can't be bothered doing the editing bit.