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This option allows you to reach out to the host with any questions or concerns. If want more information about the space from your host, feel free to contact him or her. Request to book: If you're set on a place, you can make a request to the host to book it for you. That automatically takes you to the payment page, on which you put down your credit card information and can also write the host a little message about yourself. If you see a place that seems sketchy, you can flag it. This will alert Airbnb moderators, who can check up on the space. Once you have an account set up, you can go to the homepage and select "List Your Space," located in the upper righthand corner.

It will prompt you to specify space details, such as the home and room type for example, an apartment with one available room , as well as location and how many people you're willing to accommodate.

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Now it's time to fill out the details. From there, you can set up pricing per night, write an overview of the space, list amenities and add photos. For those lacking photography skills, Airbnb has a team of photographers who will come and snap professional pics of your space, free of charge.

Anyone with a verified email address and phone number is eligible, though the service isn't always available. Once someone sees your space and decides to rent it, you'll have total control of guest approval. Pricing at Airbnb is completely conducted by the hosts. The payment options vary, but they include major credit, debit and prepaid cards, PayPal, and Google Wallet. Security deposit: Guests will have to pay a security deposit, which is set by the host. That's to help cover incidents incurred during a stay, such as a broken item or unreturned key.

Service fee: Cleaning fee: Hosts have the option of charging this in order to clean their space for a guest. It will be taken out of the reservation subtotal. Hosts can receive their final payment in a variety of ways: There are quite a few cities up in arms about Airbnb's casual approach to the travel industry. The State of New York is against Airbnb because it enables people to make money without paying hotel taxes. In addition, landlords do not want to be held liable for incidents that occur from people who are not legally tied to the home.

In addition, New York lawmakers say using Airbnb could be in conflict with your leasing agreement, and is contributing to the rising cost of living in New York City. San Francisco, Montreal, Berlin and other major cities are on the same bandwagon. There have also been a fair number of crimes in Airbnb-rented spaces. According to Fox News , here are a few notable ones:.

A woman rented a home in Oakland, California, but turned out to be a meth addict.

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She trashed the house and stole the homeowner's birth certificate. A San Francisco woman renting out her apartment came back to find it totally wrecked. Her camera, iPod, laptop and external backup drive were stolen, her kitchen was destroyed, and furniture had been creepily rearranged.

Two women in Stockholm who rented out their apartment for one month came home to find out it had been used as a brothel. Rented a place couple years ago in Europe Was this helpful? Yes No I need help 1 Open the Airbnb web site. Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help 2 Type a location and search for it.

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Yes No I need help 3 Locate the "Language and Currency" button in the lower-right corner and click it. Two drop-down menus will pop up. One is for the language, and the other is for the currency.

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Yes No I need help 4 Click the lower drop-down menu from the pop-up menu. Yes No I need help 5 Select your currency. You do not have to log on to change this. Yes No I need help 6 For the mobile version of the web site, search for a place by typing it and clicking "Find a place". Yes No I need help 7 Wait until "Filters" pops up on the screen and tap on it. Yes No I need help 8 Scroll down until you see two drop-down menus. Yes No I need help 9 Tap on the lower drop-down menu to select it.

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  • Change Currencies on Airbnb with iPhone 6.
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Yes No I need help 10 Select your currency. Yes No I need help If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

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Change Currencies on Airbnb with iPhone 6.

All prices are showing in the wrong currency? - Airbnb Community

Questions and Answers. To begin, unlock your phone by pressing the round button at the bottom of the screen. Yes No I need help. Alternatively, press the lock button on the right-hand side of the phone. Swipe right, and enter your passcode. As an alternative to entering your passcode, put your finger on the home button to use the fingerprint scanner. On the home screen, find the Airbnb application. The home screen has multiple options.

Tap on the logo that looks like a man in a circle at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on the logo that looks like a gear. Find the currency you are looking for. Tap the currency to add a check mark to it, and tap the "Save" button to save it. If you want to change that, tap on the currency again. Tap on the currency to choose it.