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Equalizer — Open the list of media equalizer sets. Stereo widening — Activate stereo widening. Now playing — View the song currently playing. Add to playlist — Add the current song to the favorites playlist. Downloads — Download music from the web. Mute audio — Mute the audio. Play via Bluetooth — Connect and play music through a Bluetooth enabled accessory.

A compatible headset or accessory needs to be attached to the device for the FM radio to function properly. M u s i c 25 To use the graphical keys , , , or on the display, scroll left or right to the desired key, and select it. Save radio frequencies 1. To start searching for a station, select and hold or. To change the radio frequency in 0. To save a frequency to a memory location from 1 to 9, press and hold the corresponding number key.

To save a frequency to a memory location from 10 to 20, press briefly 1 or 2, and press and hold the desired number key, 0 to 9. Enter the name of the radio station. To scroll to the desired frequency, select or , or press the headset key. To select a saved radio station, briefly press the corresponding number keys.

To change the volume, use the scroll key. Select from the following: Switch off — Turn off the radio. Save station — Save a new radio station. Stations — View the list of saved stations.

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Mono output or Stereo output — Listen to the radio in monophonic or stereo sound. Loudspeaker or Headset — Listen to the radio using the loudspeaker or headset. Keep the headset connected to the phone. The headset functions as the radio antenna. Set frequency — Enter the frequency of the desired radio station. C o n t a c t s 26 You can normally make a call or answer an incoming call while listening to the radio. During the call, the volume of the radio is muted. When an application is sending or receiving data, it may interfere with the radio.

Contacts You can save names and phone numbers contacts in the phone memory and on the SIM card. The phone memory may save contacts with additional details, such as various phone numbers and text items. You can also save an image for a limited number of contacts. The SIM card memory can save names with one phone number attached to them. The contacts saved in the SIM card memory are indicated with. The first number you save is automatically set as the default number, and it is indicated with a frame around the number type indicator for example,.

When you select a name from contacts for example, to make a call , the default number is used, unless you select another number. In the phone memory you can save different types of phone numbers, a tone or a video clip, and short text items for a contact.

Scroll through the list of contacts, or enter the first characters of the name you are searching for. Select from the options available. To delete a number, text item, or an image attached to the contact, search for the contact, and select Details. The SIM card can save names with one phone number attached to them. Enter the name of the group. Select View to see the members. Select Add to choose contacts from your phone book. You can also press and hold a number key to activate 1-touch dialing.

Select Find and locate the contact you want to assign. If the 1-touch dialing function is off, the phone asks whether you want to activate it. Activate — Activate the selected profile. Customize — Customize the profile. Select the setting you want to change. Timed — Set the profile to be active until a certain time within the next 24 hours. When the time set for the profile expires, the previous profile that was not timed is activated. Select theme — Open the Themes folder, and select a theme.

To set the device to ring only for calls from phone numbers that belong to a selected caller group, select Alert for. Scroll to the caller group or All calls, and select Mark. S e t t i n g s 30 If you select the highest ringing tone level, the ringing tone reaches its highest level after a few seconds. Wallpaper — Add a background image in the home screen. Home screen — Personalize home screen content for quick access to features. Home scr. Notification details — Display contact information in missed calls and messages received.

Main menu view — Activate the type of menu view. Font size — Set the font size for messaging, contacts, and web pages. The time and date are set according to the time zone. This makes sure that your device to display the correct sending time of received text or multimedia messages. Personalize shortcuts You can personalize your selection and scroll key settings. Select options — Add or remove a function to the shortcut list. Organize — Rearrange the functions on your personal shortcut list. Sync with server — Copy files between your device and a PC or server.

Phone switch — Copy files with Bluetooth to another device. S e t t i n g s 32 Create backup — Back up data for storage on an external device. Restore backup — Restore data to your device from an external device. Bluetooth wireless technology This device is compliant with Bluetooth Specification 2. To ensure interoperability between other devices supporting Bluetooth technology, use Nokia approved accessories for this model. Check with the manufacturers of other devices to determine their compatibility with this device. There may be restrictions on using Bluetooth technology in some locations.

Check with your local authorities or service provider. Features using Bluetooth technology increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery life. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect the device to a compatible Bluetooth device within 10 meters 32 feet. Since devices using Bluetooth technology communicate using radio waves, your device and the other devices do not need to be in direct line-of-sight, although the connection can be subject to interference from obstructions such as walls or from other electronic devices.

Bluetooth — Activate or deactivate Bluetooth. When activating Bluetooth for the first time, you are asked to give a name for the device. Use a unique name that is easy for others to identify. Select the device that you want to connect to the device. Paired devices — Search for any Bluetooth device in range. Select New to list any Bluetooth device in range. Select a device, and Pair. Enter an agreed Bluetooth passcode of the device up to 16 characters to associate pair the device to your device. You must only give this passcode when you connect to the device for the first time.

Your device connects to the device, and you can start data transfer.

Active devices — View a list of active devices to which you have an active connection Phone visibility — Hide or show your device to other devices. Always accept only Bluetooth communication from others with whom you agree. My phone's name — Change the name of your device, which is visible to other Bluetooth devices. Packet data General packet radio service GPRS is a network service that allows mobile phones to send and receive data over an internet protocol IP -based network. When needed — Set the packet data connection to be established when an application needs it.

The connection is closed when the application is terminated. Always online — Set the device to automatically connect to a packet data network when you switch the device on. Call forwarding — Forward your incoming calls network service. You may not be able to forward your calls if some call restriction functions are active. Anykey answer — Answer an incoming call by briefly pressing any key, except the power key or the left and right selection keys.

Automatic redial — Make a maximum of 10 attempts to connect the call after an unsuccessful call attempt. To use, press and hold the corresponding number key. Call waiting — See a notification for an incoming call while you have a call in progress network service. Call duration display — Display a counter during each call. Summary after call — Display the approximate duration and cost network service of the call after each call. Send my caller ID — Show your phone number to the person you are calling. To use the setting agreed upon with your service provider, select Set by network. Language settings — To set the display language of your device, select Phone language.

To set the language according to the information on the SIM card, select Automatic. Memory status — View the amount of used and available device memory.

Nokia x2-01

Automatic keyguard — Set the keypad of your device to lock automatically after a preset time delay when the device is in the home screen and no function of the device has been used. Select On, and set the time. Security keyguard — Set the device to ask for the security code when you unlock the keyguard. Enter the security code, and select On. Flight query — Allows you to select if a prompt will appear each time the phone is switched on to ask if offline profile should be used.

In offline profile, all radio connections are switched off. Offline profile should be used in areas sensitive to radio emissions. Phone updates — Check your current software details. Help text activation — Displaywhether the device shows help texts. Start-up tone or Switch off tone — Play a tone when the device is switched on or off. S e t t i n g s 36 Charger — To turn the lights on permanently, select Charger.

To trun the lights on for 15 seconds after a keypress, select Automatic. Connect the HDA phone adapter to the headset connector on your phone. If the HDA phone adapter is not connected, the Text phone menu will not be displayed. The TTY icon is displayed on the Home screen when the phone adapter is connected. If you connect the HDA phone adapter to the TTY device cable, and then to your phone, the message Accessory not supported is displayed.

Your service provider may also send you these settings. Default configuration settings — View the service providers saved in the device. Activate default in all applications — Activate the default configuration settings for supported applications. Preferred access point — View the saved access points. Device manager settings — Select when to allow service software updates. Personal settings — Add new personal accounts for various services manually, and activate or delete them. Select the service type, and select and enter each of the required parameters. The parameters differ according to the selected service type.

Some SIM cards do not allow the code request to be switched off. Call restrictions — Restrict incoming calls to and outgoing calls from your device network service. A restriction password is required. Fixed dialing — Create a list of allowed phone numbers. When activated, calls and text messages are allowed only to numbers on the list. Code in use — Activate the PIN code requirement. Authority certificates — View the list of the authority certificates stored on your device.

User certificates — View the list of the user certificates stored on your device. Security module settings — View security module details or modify PIN-related settings. You can reset some settings to their original values. V i s u a l V o i c e m a i l 39 To restore settings only, select Settings only. To also delete personal data, select All. Enter the security code, or create one, if prompted. The names and device numbers saved in the address book, are not deleted. With Visual Voicemail, you can listen to your voice mail without calling the voice mail system.

You must authorize the Visual Voicemail application to synchronize with your voice mail. Once your device is synchronized, all voice mails are displayed in your inbox, and can be played in any order. This view shows the name of the sender, the time, and length of the voice mail.

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If a sender is in your contacts list, and you have assigned an image to the contact, the image is also displayed. To go to the playback view, select a voice mail. In this view, you can: Use only services that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software. The appearance may vary due to screen size. You may not be able to view all details web pages. You can also enter all the configuration settings manually. Select Configuration. Only the configurations that support the browsing service are shown. Select a service provider, Default, or web2go for browsing.

Select Account and a browsing service account contained in the active configuration settings. Select Displ. Make a connection to the service in one of the following ways: Enter the address of the service, and select OK. The function of the phone keys may vary in different services. Follow the instructions on the phone display. For more information, contact your service provider. Browse with phone keys To browse through the page, scroll in any direction.

To select an item, press the call key, or choose Select. To enter letters or numbers, press the keys. Direct calling While browsing, you can make a phone call, and save a name and a phone number from a page. Scroll to a bookmark, and select it, or press the call key to make a connection to the page associated with the bookmark.

Select Options to view, edit, delete, or send the bookmark; to create a new bookmark; or to save the bookmark to a folder. If you choose to access such sites, you should take precautions for security or content. Receive a bookmark When you have received a bookmark, 1 bookmark received is displayed. To view the bookmark, select Show. Cookies are saved until you clear the cache memory. To allow or prevent the phone from receiving cookies, select Allow or Reject. The phone supports WML scripts.

If you have tried to access or have accessed confidential information requiring passwords, empty the cache after each use. The information or services you have accessed are stored in the cache. For such connections you need security certificates and possibly a security module, which may be available on your SIM card. Security module The security module improves security services for applications requiring a browser connection, and allows you to use a digital signature.

The security module may contain certificates as well as private and public keys. The certificates are saved in the security module by the service provider. Even if the use of certificates makes the risks involved in remote connections and software installation considerably smaller, they must be used correctly in order to benefit from increased security. The existence of a certificate does not offer any protection by itself; the certificate manager must contain correct, authentic, or trusted certificates for increased security to be available.

Certificates have a restricted lifetime. Before changing any certificate settings, you must make sure that you really trust the owner of the certificate and that the certificate really belongs to the listed owner. There are three kinds of certificates: You may receive these certificates from your service provider. Authority certificates and user certificates may also be saved in the security module by the service provider.

The security icon does not indicate that the data transmission between the gateway and the content server or the place where the requested resource is stored is secure. The service provider secures the data transmission between the gateway and the content server. E n t e r t e x t 45 Digital signature You can make digital signatures with your phone if your SIM card has a security module.

Using the digital signature can be the same as signing your name to a paper bill, contract, or other document. To make a digital signature, select a link on a page, such as, the title of the book you want to buy and its price. The text to sign, which may include the amount and date, is displayed. Check that the header text is Read and that the digital signature icon is displayed.

If the digital signature icon does not appear, there is a security breach, and you should not enter any personal data such as your signing PIN. To sign the text, read all of the text first, and select Sign. The text may not fit within a single screen. Therefore, make sure to scroll through and read all of the text before signing. Select the user certificate you want to use. Enter the signing PIN. The digital signature icon disappears, and the service may display a confirmation of your purchase. Enter text You can enter text for example, when creating messages using traditional or predictive text input.

When you enter text, text input indicators are displayed. Predictive text automatically suggests possible words when you begin entering letters. To change the character case, press the shift key the arrow key between the function key and the Sym key. To switch between letter and number mode, press the Function key.

To enter more than one number, lock the number mode by pressing the Function key twice. To activate or deactivate prediction while entering text, press and hold down the Ctrl key and press the space bar. Once you have selected a writing language, it is also used for creating or editing contacts and other text input screens. Select an input method for Chinese Each writing language has one or more input methods available. An input method lets you enter text or characters in a convenient way. To select an input method, first select the desired Writing language. Stroke — Enter Chinese characters with the Stroke method only available when Chinese is selected as the writing language.

Pinyin — Enter Chinese characters with the Pinyin method only available when Chinese is selected as the writing language abc — Write a text message in lowercase mode. You can quickly create a new message by pressing the Messaging key. Conversations or multiple messages sent and received between you and another contact are also saved in the Conversations folder. Text messages are organized M e s s a g i n g 48 into easy to read conversations. This gives you the ability to easily view entire conversations with a single contact in a chat-like interface.

You can read, create, send, and save messages. To send the message, select Send. The device saves the message in the Sent folder and sending starts. When sending messages, your device may display the words Message sent. This indicates that the message has been sent by your device to the message center number programed into your device. For more details about messaging services, contact your service provider.

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The message sent icon or text on your device screen does not indicate that the message is received at the intended destination. Text and multimedia messages You can create a message and optionally attach a file such as an image or audio clip. Your device automatically changes a text message to a multimedia message when a file is attached.

Longer messages are sent as a series of two or more messages. Your service provider may charge accordingly. Characters that use accents or other marks and characters from some language options, such as Spanish, take up more space, which limits the number of characters that can be sent in a single message. An indicator at the top of the display shows the total number of characters left and the number of messages needed for sending.

Only devices that have compatible features can receive and display multimedia messages. The appearance of a message may vary depending on the receiving device. The wireless network may limit the size of MMS messages. If the inserted picture exceeds this limit the device may make it smaller so that it can be sent by MMS.

For availability and subscription to the multimedia service MMS , contact your service provider. Send a text or multimedia message 1. Enter the message text. To attach content to the message, select Options and the desired type of content. Scroll to the desired contact, and select Send. The message type is indicated at the top of the display and changes automatically depending on the content of the message. Service providers may charge differently depending on the message type.

M e s s a g i n g 50 Read and reply to a message Important: Exercise caution when opening messages. Messages may contain malicious software or otherwise be harmful to your device or PC. A notification is displayed when you receive a message. To read the message, select View. If more than one message was received, to read a message, open the message from the Conversations folder. To send a reply, select Reply.

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You can copy or move those messages to the device memory, but not vice versa. Received messages are saved to the device memory. The number may appear in your contacts list during the activation process. If not, you need to save this number to your device. When you receive a voice message, a tone sounds, a notification is displayed, or both. If you receive more than one message, your device displays the number of messages received. To enter, find, or edit your voice mailbox number, select Voice mailbox number.

If supported by the network, indicates new voice messages. To call your voice mailbox number, select Listen.

General settings — Save copies of sent messages in your device, overwrite old messages if the message memory becomes full, and set up other preferences related to messages. Text — Define message centers, select the type of character support, and set up other preferences related to text messages. Multimedia — Allow read reports, set up the appearance of multimedia messages, allow the reception of multimedia messages and advertisements, and set up other preferences related to multimedia.

Service messages — Activate service messages and set up preferences related to service messages. The T-Mobile Mall website provides links to a variety of content such as ringtones, games, graphics, multimedia, and applications that may be purchased and downloaded to your device. For information about billing or accessing this website, contact your service provider. The alarm clock works even when the phone is switched off, if there is enough power in the battery. To change the alarm time when the alarm time is set, select On. To set the phone to alert you on selected days of the week, select Repeat alarm.

To set a snooze time-out, select Snooze time-out and the length of time. After modifying the alarm settings, select Save. Alert tone and message An alert tone sounds and flashes Alarm! To stop the alarm, select Stop. If you let the phone continue to sound the alarm for a minute or select Snooze, the alarm stops for the selected snooze time-out period and then resumes. If the alarm time is reached while the device is switched off, the device switches itself on and starts sounding the alarm tone.

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  6. If you select Snooze, the device switches off, then switches on again after the snooze time is reached. If you select Stop, the device asks whether you want to activate the device for calls. Select No to switch off the device or Yes to make and receive calls. Do not select Yes when wireless phone use may cause interference or danger.

    Press for a decimal point. Scroll to the desired operation or function. These files are stored in the phone memory or on an inserted memory card and may be arranged in folders. Scroll to the desired game, and select Open. Launch an application Your phone software includes some Java applications. Scroll to an application, and select Open. Update version — to check if a new version of the application is available for download from web2go network service Web page — to get further information or additional data for the application from an internet page network service , if available Application access — to restrict the application from accessing the network Download an application Your phone supports J2ME TM Java applications.

    Make sure that the application is compatible with your phone before downloading it. Only install and use applications and other software from trusted sources, such as applications that are Symbian Signed or have passed the Java Verified TM testing. You can download new Java applications and games in different ways. Use this feature to record notes or phone numbers to enter later. You can also create a ringtone. Record sound 1. To start recording, select. While recording a call, all parties to the call hear a faint beeping sound.

    When recording a call, hold the phone in the normal position near to your ear. To stop recording, select. List of recordings 1. The list of folders in tones and graphics is shown. Open Audio to see the list with recordings. Select Options to view a list of options for files. Define a storage folder To use a folder other than audio as the default folder in tones and graphics. Notes can be sorted by priority or by date. To-do notes 1. Write the note, select the priority, set the deadline and the alarm type for the note, and select Save.

    To view a note, scroll to it, and select View. Write the note, and select Save. Enter the alarm time in hours, minutes, and seconds, and select OK. You can write your own note text, which is displayed when the time expires. To start the timer, select Start. To change the countdown time, select Change time. To stop the timer, select Stop timer. If the alarm time is reached when the device is in the home screen, the device sounds a tone and flashes the note text if it is set or Countdown completed. To stop the alarm, press any key. If no key is pressed, the alarm automatically stops after 60 seconds.

    To stop the alarm and to delete the note text, select Exit. To restart the countdown timer, select Restart. During timing, the other functions of the device can be used. To set the stopwatch timing in the background, press the end key. Using the stopwatch or allowing it to run in the background when using other features increases the demand on battery power and reduces the battery life. Communities With the Communities application, you can enhance your social networking experience. The application may not be available in all regions. When signed in to social networking services, such as Facebook or Twitter, you can do the following: Only those features that are supported by the social networking service are available.

    Using social networking services requires network support. This may involve the transmission of large amounts of data and related data traffic costs. For information about data transmission charges, contact your service provider. The social networking services are third party services and not provided by Nokia. Check the privacy settings of the social networking service you are using as you may share information with a large group of people.

    The terms of use of the social networking service apply to sharing information on that service. Familiarize yourself with the terms of use and the privacy practices of that service. Zoom in or out — Scroll up or down. Capture an image — Select Capture. Activate the self-timer— Select Options and the desired option. Start recording a video clip — Select Record. Switch between camera and video mode — In camera or video mode, scroll left or right.

    My account provides links to help with your device and service. For information about billing or about accessing this website, contact your service provider. Green tips Here are tips on how you can contribute to protecting the environment. You do not need to charge your battery so often if you do the following: Check how to recycle your Nokia products at www. Recycle packaging and user guides at your local recycling scheme.

    The battery intended for use with this device is BL-5C. Nokia may make additional battery models available for this device. This device is intended for use when supplied with power from the following charger: The exact charger model number may vary depending on the type of plug for the country of use. Sharp Zaurus. Mobile Gaming.

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    Nintendo DS. Playstation 3. Playstation Portable. Xbox Series Windows CE. Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Windows Mobile Smartphone. System Utilities Freeware Java application for Nokia The program generates a sound with a frequency of 4 kHz to 12 kHz. Frequency of the sound must be selected empirically. BTLib Java Version: Cell Jar Java Version: Cell-Jar app store will automatically detect your device and offer suitable apps for direct downloading to your mobile. Device Checker Java Version: Dolphins Applications Java Version: Dolphins MS Java Version: Secured Diary application.

    Dolphins MS 1 Java Version: Mobile Systems suite is a collection of 5 applications to provide maximum phone usage. Top Downloads. Cell Jar. AntiMosquito S60 Free. Hide Itt Pro.