Hanging mobile over changing table

Let baby sleep unencumbered. Don't bundle an infant in blankets or comforters though a wearable blanket is fine ; he can become entangled and unable to free himself. Always put your baby to sleep on her back, not on her stomach. This practice has significantly reduced the number of SIDS deaths. Whether baby sleeps in a crib, bassinet, or play yard, use the correct sheet. Making do with a crib sheet in the bassinet or a twin sheet in the crib means you won't have a snug fit and baby could get entangled.

Baby's Room Never leave baby alone on the changing table. It may seem low to you, but for an infant , a fall from a changing table can be like a fall of several stories for an adult. If you forgot an outfit or diaper cream in another room or if you need to go wash your hands, pick your child up and take her with you. Install window guards. You want them there long before the day your child figures out how to climb onto the ledge.

An insect screen is not enough to prevent a child from falling through an open window. As an alternative, buy stops that keep the window from opening more than 4 inches.

Install It

Keep furniture away from windows. Use anti-tip security restraints. These pieces of hardware come with most baby furniture and are available through One Step Ahead , so use them. They keep a bookcase, for instance, from toppling if your child climbs on it. The Bathroom Test the water before bathing baby. Use a bath thermometer to be sure you're at 90 to degrees F.

The water should be comfortably warm. Stay vigilant! Don't let anything interrupt bathtime. The phone's ringing, or someone's at the door? Ignore it.

Consider choking hazards and how high it hangs over the crib

It only takes a second for a tragedy to occur when water is involved, so stay within arm's reach and forget the outside world. Don't use a baby bath seat. It might seem like a good way to hold a slippery baby in the big tub, but these seats can tip over -- they've been blamed for about drownings and injuries since If you feel like baby's not safe in the big tub, use a small baby tub. Make sure no one absent-mindedly leaves a razor in the shower or disposes of razor blades or medicines in the bathroom wastebasket. Also, harmless-seeming items such as mouthwash and bath oil can be deadly if ingested in large quantities.

Keep them in high, locked cabinets. When your child is old enough to monkey with the tub or sink faucet, you'll want to prevent accidental scalds. Make sure the water heater for your house or apartment building is set to go no higher than degrees F. Little Helpers For a huge selection of outlet covers, corner guards, toilet locks, and things you've maybe never even thought of, see the safety aisle of Babies "R" Us. The Kitchen Stay in the kitchen while you're heating food.

Cooking was the leading cause of fire injuries in , the most recent year for which there are statistics. Staying near the stove while the burners are on means you can attack a fire with a fire extinguisher and call immediately if needed. Also, keep all your smoke alarms in working order. Use stove-knob covers to keep your child from turning the burners off and on. Secure the trash can.

Basic Babyproofing Made Simple

Most kids go through a phase of being fascinated with garbage. It's mostly just a nuisance, but it can be dangerous if your child takes things out and finds, for instance, a sharp metal lid. Look for a childproof latch, keep the garbage in a locked cabinet, or put the can outdoors such as on a porch off the kitchen.

Don't store cleaners under the sink. Keep them in a higher cabinet with a lock, separate from food. Lock up matches too.

Basic Babyproofing Made Simple

Place baby's seat on the floor only. Your instinct may be to put a bouncer, car seat, or foam seat at eye level say, on a counter , but that means risking a bad fall. Use caution with your morning coffee; don't carry a hot drink and your baby at the same time. While the majority of parents will hang a mobile over the baby crib, there are plenty of other places a mobile can be installed. This way your baby will have something to entertain him while you change his diaper.

DIY Wall-Mounted Baby Mobile for the Changing Table

While there is no wrong location to hang a baby mobile, it will be most effective if it is in clear view of your little one. And that is just a few of the more common features. Unfortunately no single baby mobile will have all these features. You may need to compromise on what is most important to you and your baby. Now that you know what to look for when buying a baby mobile, lets take a look at some of the most popular baby mobiles available. What makes this the best baby mobile? The amount of features that have been crammed into this baby mobile is just amazing. The inclusion of a projection night light is what separates this unique baby mobile from the rest of the contenders.

While the baby mobile looks great in the day, at night is when it really shines. The night light projects moving images onto the underside of the canopy, much like a movie theatre. The images give your infant something to focus on as he drifts off to sleep.

This is the current mobile I use for my youngest baby and I could not be happier with it. Just be sure to keep an extra set of batteries nearby as this mobile is not nearly as entertaining when it just stands still. This baby mobile makes up for its lack of features with an unusual quality that you will quickly come to love. You might be thinking that this is not a big deal but try it out, you may never go back to stationary baby mobiles again. The portable mobile features three attachment options, a universal clip, a velcro fastener and a stroller clip.

These attachments mean that you can hook this mobile up to just about anything that your baby lays down in, including:. When you turn the portable mobile on, you have the option to let it spin without the music on. Great for those parents who cannot stand the repetitive sound of baby toys. Next up is the Sweet Island Dreams Mobile.

The monkey on the base glows gently at night, a great feature for babies that do not like to sleep in complete darkness. The shaft and mobile can separate from the music box base providing your baby with an entirely new toy. Your baby can now mash the buttons to his hearts content and be rewarded with different musical sounds. The toys hanging from the arms of the mobile also move up and down, a unique feature among baby mobiles.

Are you worried about purchasing a baby mobile that your infant may not find interesting. Why not make your own mobile? With make your own mobile kit, you can. The home made mobile kit below features a crib mounted stand, a music box and arm bracket. This blank canvas is just waiting for you to get creative.

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Watch those hangings Be mindful of how low your mobile hangs. While it may seem cute that your baby can reach up and touch the mobile you do not want the toys hanging so low that your baby may get tangled up in them, cutting off circulation or worse. If the mobile is now within easy reach you will need to either raise the mobile or remove it completely. If you allow dust to accumulate before turning it on you will send all of that dust toppling down on top of your baby.

If the mobile feels loose then you may need to find a different way to install it. That brings me to the end of my detailed look at baby mobiles. What is your favorite baby mobile? Let me know below. Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

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Plays music. Night light. Remote control. Take Along Mobile Styles: Animal friends or Tiny Princess Brand: Tiny Love Multiple attachment options. Easy to transport. Sweet Island Dreams Mobile Styles: Tiny Love Multidirectional animals. VicTsing Rotates. Allows you to be creative. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Disclaimer The information found on parent.

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