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It is an app that does more than one thing right, though the price keeps it out of our Essential category. While not for just any investor, iChartist proves its usefulness to any serious trader on Wall Street.

With its steep price tag, it's not for the casual investor. MarketScan is a nice alternative to StockGuru. The app includes tools to help analyze the stock market. The app includes the most-used technical indicators for stocks, predefined stock scans, info from the past four days, and charts. The developers are working on including weekly scans, alerts, stock search, and more.

The app does provide many nice features, but does not provide nearly as much as StockGuru. The interface is nice, but somewhat harder to use in comparison to StockGuru, and it certainly isn't worth twice the price. If you are looking for an alternative to StockGuru, this is it. StockTouch provides a beautiful interface for viewing the top stocks of both the U. The grid interface helps you visualize the top , and you can view by nine different sectors. The app also shows charts that visualize how the stock has done over the past day, week, month, three months, year, and more.

There are even links to news articles that are relating to the company that you are viewing stock for. Updating data is not done in real-time, but it is done in five-minute intervals during the trading day. If you care about stocks and also care about having a great interface to work with, then give this app a try. StockTrac HD includes portfolio tracking, technical analysis, foreign currency trading, and price alerts.

The app is designed to be your one stock app. The number of tools available is simply great. The app can also sync data with your broker through OFX tools. The one downside of trying to do everything is it is harder to do everything well. The execution of all of these functions is not as good as having two stand alone apps designed for those special functions.


Having StockGuru and StockWatch is a much better solution than what this app provides. If you are looking for a one stop shop this is it, but we would recommend using a few apps instead. Bloomberg for iPad app accesses some great tools from Bloomberg. The app allows you to track your own stocks and stay up to date with the latest financial news. The app also includes access to the podcasts that Bloomberg runs. The app has access to a wealth of knowledge, all available for free.

The one problem the app does have is ads. The app is just loaded with ads that take away from the experience of using the app. If you don't mind the ads, this is a great free app to have. Night Mode. Font Size. For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser! You are using an outdated browser.

Deleted An iOS Stock App? Here's Where To Download It For iPhone And iPad - iOS Hacker

Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Wall Street On Your iPad. Best iPad Stock Market Apps. Essential Apps. Stock Guru for iPad by Value Prime.

Hide Stock Apps by Enabling Restrictions

FREE More info. I like these gestures better than their predecessors that relied on the home button, but that's just personal preference. I don't think they're actually more or less efficient. Apple has redesigned the status bar to be more like the iPhone X, too. The battery charge and Wi-Fi indicators appear in the top right, and the time is in the top left.

The date is in the top left by default, too.

Use the same Stocks watchlist on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad

That leaves a big gap in the middle across the top of the device. The Books and News apps have been redesigned on the iPad. The changes are pictured above, but they're similar to what we already went over with the iPhone. Additionally, Voice Memos and Stocks—two apps previously exclusive to the iPhone—are now available on the iPad.

This is a bit niche, but it's worth mentioning: We didn't test this, but those who have are generally positive about it. As with iPhones, Apple focused on improving performance for iPads over adding new features in this OS update. We'll talk more about performance soon. As is often the case, much of the meat of iOS 12 is buried in various options in the Settings app. The options that Apple includes, and even where it places them, can be revealing about Apple's priorities with the update.

These are some of the noteworthy additions and changes.

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Automatic updates are off by default. But if you turn them on, iOS will stop pestering you with notifications and pop-ups letting you know that an update is available—though it will let you know when an automatic update is planned. When the feature is enabled, your device will automatically download the update and install it overnight. The updates will only install automatically if the device is connected to Wi-Fi and to a power source. Apple is already miles ahead of Android in terms of getting users on newer versions of the operating system quickly, and this will probably widen the gap even more.

But that probably matters more to Apple than it does to you. Not everything here is new, but it is a more convenient and robust experience.

Tapping on an individual password shows it to you and offers you the chance to update the password for that app or website; you'll be taken to the app or website to change it directly, and the new password you choose will be stored in iOS' password manager. Further, it warns you if you are re-using a password on multiple websites, since that would be a bad practice for security. Passwords are stored in iCloud and accessible across devices using your Apple ID.

How To Delete/Remove Stock Apple Apps In iOS 10 iPhone/iPad

Outside of the settings panel, you can ask Siri to access your passwords. Apple has also made it easier to use third-party password managers; for example, you can now access passwords stored in those managers from the QuickType bar when using apps or websites, but this requires the developers of those password managers to support it.

Finally, iOS 12 lets you see security codes sent to you via SMS in AutoFill after they're sent to you, so you don't have to copy and paste or type them from memory when dropping them in fields in apps or websites. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Stocks The Stocks app probably isn't used by everybody, but Apple hasn't forgotten about it. Tapping a stock reveals this handy graph, along with related Apple News stories.

Samuel Axon. News stories occupy most of the screen when you open them within Stocks. The app opens to Top Stories, and little has changed here. The "Search" and "Following" tabs have been consolidated into this "Channels" tab.

Apple's Stocks, Voice Memo apps will be available for iPad, Mac

Unfortunately, Apple has moved saved stories to the bottom of the channels tab. They used to have their own tab. The lock screen in iOS 12 on an iPad. Note that the status bar now shows information only in the top left and top right corners, just like the iPhone X. Also note the indicator for swiping down from the top-right. The home screen on an iPad running iOS 12 in portrait mode. Looks like an iPhone X, but with the iPad dock. Swiping down from the top-right corner brings down the control center.

To reach the multitasking interface, you swipe up partway from the bottom.