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This includes any repairs, replacements, or ordered parts.

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You're normally notified as well when it's sent back to you, along with a tracking number of course. You should most definitely from what I've been told.

Need that phone fixed fast?

What's the tracking site telling you? Is it throwing out any errors, or just not populating any information on your status specifically?

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I got my phone back Friday. It took two weeks from the time it broke to the time i got it back. Last monday I recieved notice from Samsung that the return label had been processed and was waiting for UPS to pick up.

Request and track repairs for your mobile devices

It showed a tracking number which I plugged into UPS tracking. On wednesday, a scan was finally done on UPS's end and delivery was scheduled for Friday.

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  6. UPS told me that the shipper will make the label and assign a tracking number and a delivery date even though UPS wont even have the information. Sorry to be so long with response. No worries at all. You're able to take your time when responding, I'll see it eventually! I'm going to shoot you over a PM so that I can get some personal information from you. If you don't end up hearing anything, I can at least try and find something for you hopefully.

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    That option is not available right now, which is why the link is currently down. I'm looking to see if this is a temporary thing or if they are moving it to a new link. For now I would suggest calling into Samsung and asking there on your status if the repair is running longer than the time frame you were originally quoted. According to the emails above, the site has been down for over 7 months. That hardly qualifies as a "temporary thing". Yet, they are still putting it in their repair instructions as a way to monitor the status of a repair.

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    Turn on suggestions. If we can't get your phone, tablet, or wearable working right, we're still here to help. The good news is that there are a few options to replace a defective device, including exchanging it, as long as it is under warranty. The device you get in exchange may be a like-new device.

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    Be warned: If you don't return the defective device within seven 7 days, T-Mobile charges a non-return fee. Be sure to return it as soon as possible. To replace your device, contact us. One of our specialists will first try troubleshooting your device so you can avoid a replacement, if possible.

    Track your device order

    This service is offered as a supplement to the manufacturer's warranty that may come with your device. If you're picking up your device from a retail location, be prepared to pay any related fees shipping or warranty at the time of pick up. These fees vary by insurance type.