Samsung galaxy s3 mini alarm doesnt work

Well, I usually shut it down to save battery and not get woken up by sound notifications. I guess I could put it in airplane mode. No problem. I went ahead and just merged the two threads since there was support being offered in both of them. If you put it in silent mode the alarm should still go off.

Test this before relying on it! Jul 28, 49 Sep 14, 28 Who said anything about removing the battery? I'm talking about simply shutting down the phone. Dragbike Racer Member.

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Apr 14, 54 13 Rxpert83 likes this. Jun 10, 5, 1, Male UK http: Lovely feature that was, I do miss it sometimes. Nov 11, 30 4 The reason why blackberries do it. Is because you can't actually turn it off. Its just in a deep sleep if you hold the power button.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Covart Android Enthusiast. Apr 2, 93 Male. SUroot Android Expert. SmilezzProper Newbie. I had the same problem in my phone. I used uninstall updates to the clock app and reset it to old factory version. It works now. I use One Plus two. I faced the issue after the marshmallow update. Go to your Sound Settings.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Alarm setup

Maybe the "Do not Disturb" option is enabled and have scheduled time that may alarm clock affected also. Try to disabled that Do not Disturb option. Let see if resolved. Sometimes the alarm does not have a sound track set to play.

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Happens to me frequently. Make sure the alarm has a track set.

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I attempted to clear the data and cache of the clock app, but that did not resolve the no sound issue. However, I pulled down the notification tab and noticed that the sound button was toggled to something called Sound priority. I've never seen that before, but after turning it off the alarm actually works now. Yo can change your phone's alarm ringtone by a new one or you can set the default ringtone for your alarm. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Alarm silent, even when not in silent mode Ask Question. The alarm on my Samsung Note 3 makes no sound. Things that I've tried to resolve the issue: Ensure that the phone is not in silent mode. Ensure that bluetooth is not enabled, so the sound does not go to i. Ensure that all the volume sliders are up Ring, Media, Messages, System. No task killer apps in use. The alarm's volume is set as high as possible and the Alarm Type is "sound".

The alarm's sound is the default Samsung alarm sound Morning Flower.

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In fact, other sounds such as ringing function as expected. Additional informations as per the comments: None of the alarm sounds play. I'm not sure where to find them outside the Alarm application. Additionally, custom sounds do not play either, even though I can play them outside the Alarm application.

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The Lollipop update has issues that I do not want to deal with, thus I intend on staying with 4. I know of no special circumstances during which the alarm will sound. It hasn't made a peep in the few weeks that I've been trying to use it. I know that it did work when the phone was new one year ago but until recently I had no need to use the Alarm so I haven't used it in some time.

I have tweaked just about every combination of variables, and nothing makes the alarm sound properly. However, the preview sound does play when selecting the alarm sound. I have not tried any other alarm apps.

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I do not install many applications on this device, and I will not go installing and uninstalling applications precariously, rather, I prefer to fix what is already installed on the device. When pressing the Volume Up key, the Alarm seems to stop. It is the same effect as selecting the end alarm function I have cleared the data from the Clock app.

This removed all current alarms, and the new alarm rings! Please make this comment an answer so that I could accept it. Thanks, sure enough it is more complicated that one would expect! I've asked this related question in the meantime. Thank you!

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Silly question, but is the speaker working? The phone rings loudly when it's called? Thank you, the speaker works fine. The phone rings properly, the speakerphone works, and music plays through the speaker as expected.