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Setting it up is easy. It is fast and accurate. How is the day-to-day or general performance? How is gaming performance of Galaxy On Nxt?

Samsung Galaxy On7 Camera Review

The performance of the phone is satisfactory. It is not the best performing smartphone in this price bracket but is far from the worst ones. Most of the times, it managed to handle everything efficiently. Samsung has continued with its aggressive RAM management philosophy for its budget and mid-range phones. For most part, the phone manages to retain only up to 3 apps running in the background which could at times be frustrating.

The gaming performance of the phone can satisfy the needs of a casual gamer. Having said that, we noticed occasional frame drops while playing graphic intensive games. Gyroscope sensor is not present which is necessary for all VR apps. Therefore its performs the same. The phone manages to capture decent clicks in most lighting conditions.

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The shutter is snappy and it locks focus quickly. The camera has decent dynamic range. Having said that, sometimes it gets confused between highlights and shadows in tricky lighting. Close-ups turn out good enough. The camera lacks optical image stabilization and the impact shows with video recording and low light photography. At best, it can only record videos up to p. The UI is identical to most Samsung smartphones. It is clean and simple. The battery performance of the phone again good. On 4G LTE network with heavy usage, it managed to last more than a day. The Samsung Galaxy On Nxt is mainly targeted towards brand conscious mid-range smartphone buyers.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

It gets the basics right by offering good design, decent camera, reliable software, long lasting battery and a fast fingerprint sensor. Hello great FAQ. As you said display is warmer compared to j7 prime. That means it is more towards yellow as compared to j7 prime? The J7 Prime display is colder in comparison, the whites are blue-ish.

Popular Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Comparisons

That has been rectified in the On Nxt. Many manufacturers use blue-tinted whites so yeah displays targeting RGB can feel yellow initially, but if you stick with them for a while, the yellowish ones are more pleasant and less harsh on your eyes. The Samsung Galaxy Ace has a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with a resolution of x pixels. It also has face and smile detection and geotagging, but does not have a shutter key. The contrast and brightness can be adjusted through on screen menu. It is also capable of up to 2x camera zoom.

Having an Adreno GPU, and a lower processor with a lower screen resolution, the Galaxy Ace cannot run high-definition games; however, third-party developers can port some games to work on the Galaxy Ace. As in the GT-Si model, the device uses VideoCore IV which may introduce some improved characteristics [9] but has major issues with games since neither Broadcom nor Samsung shares the source code; 3D games that work in original model might have incompatibilities with GT-Si.

Games and Applications that are ported for the ARM6 do work on this phone.

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt FAQ, With Photo Gallery & Camera Samples

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. GSM Arena. Retrieved Retrieved May 20, Archived from the original on Unwired View. I t is often said that megapixels are meaningless in mobile phones.

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However, give a high-resolution phone like the Galaxy S5 a bright and sunny day and it will generally be able to resolve more detail than a lower-resolution phone. As our standard view of London test shows below, the Galaxy S5 is capable of producing much, much more detailed photos than the HTC One M8 — one of its key rivals. The difference between the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 is less marked, but it is there. In daylight conditions, sharpness in photos is excellent.

It falls off a bit in the extreme corners, but not to a severe extent. Before we get too excited, the S5 is soundly beaten by the Lumia on the detail stakes. Exposure metering is fairly reliable too. When focusing, the phone uses a mix of contrast detection and phase detection, and it is indeed a good deal faster than a plain contrast detection system in many situations. Still, any speed improvement is handy.

We did notice the odd glitch when using face detection, though.

Samsung Galaxy Ace - Wikipedia

Regardless, these speed improvements make the Galaxy S5 about as fast as an iPhone 5S in daylight conditions. A phone you can tell the time by. Not bad, eh? The situation changes completely when the lights go down, though. Samsung has provided the necessary drastic measures, though.