Nokia lumia 520 zelda case

In a number of ways, the Nokia Lumia looks like just the type of handset where this ought to be possible: These sacrifices seem straightforward enough, and they include things that many smartphone users may barely notice, such as the absence of a front-facing camera, camera flash module and NFC.

The problem is that the specs are never the full story. Like any phone, the Lumia comes with a few surprises. Read on and we'll try to root them out. This phone just can't hold its own against the Lumia , and we don't think the modest savings are worth it.

The continues Nokia's bright, bold approach to phones, and that's a good thing. It's available in cyan, red, black, yellow and white, so there's some choice in how loud you want to make it. Then again, regardless of which color option you pick, this handset isn't quite as bright or bold as the Lumia -- that stunningly good handset that will inevitably set the benchmark throughout this review.

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The matte, plastic back cover lacks the glossy, rubberized personality of the higher model and also feels a tad creakier. Unlike the 's cover, it doesn't incorporate any headphone jack circuitry -- it's just a thin piece of plastic. There are no problems with seams or with the way the cover fits on, maintaining Nokia's usual quality. The speaker, earpiece, aerial and all cellular components seem to work fine.

Nokia Lumia case with Games design

Some people may even prefer the 's more sedate appearance, along with its slightly larger LCD display, which results in the phone being a few millimeters longer and wider than the , as well as having other ramifications that we'll come to in a bit. Overall, Nokia's manufacturing is good, but it isn't perfect. For the first few days of use, the 's camera button kept jamming, requiring the back cover to be removed in order to unstick it.

This problem seems to have died down, but it may also be that we're being gentler with the shutter release -- which really we shouldn't have to be. Other than that, the simple exterior is punctuated by a 3. Lastly, we have the earpiece and capacitive Windows Phone navigation buttons on the front face -- none of which gave us any problems. The Lumia taught us that a high-quality display needn't cost the earth. Alas, the Lumia teaches us that a top-shelf display must cost something , because Nokia hasn't been able to carry it over into this bottom-end handset.

This LCD is washed-out, unevenly lit especially in the lower corners and suffers from relatively poor though not horrific viewing angles. It isn't a patch on any of the higher models, and that's something the Lumia's spec sheet on its own doesn't warn us about, aside from the absence of the word "ClearBlack," signifying that the manufacturer acknowledges this is a lesser panel. The is also technically worse off in terms of pixel density, due to the fact it has a 4-inch, rather than 3. In reality though, that sort of difference is imperceptible at screens of this size.

Regardless of the display's technical aspects, we reckon that the inherently bold and contrasty aesthetic of the Windows Phone environment makes it less of an issue. In the midst of daily use, you're just not going to notice that bright patch in the lower-left corner, or those blacks that aren't really black -- at least until someone with a comes and sits down next to you.

Judging by the quality of its pictures, the Lumia 's camera module is basically the same as the 's. That means it takes passable stills for sharing and looking at on small displays. However, there are a few things holding the 's photography skills back. There's no focus assist light, for a start, which results in unpredictable focus in low-light shots. Combined with the slow shutter speed due to the absence of a flash and the slight shake resulting from the sometimes-sticky camera button, this occasionally results in overly blurred images, as the sample below will attest.

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    Compatible Brand see all. For Nokia Filter Applied. See All Buying Options. In Stock. I bought this for my daughter and it seems to work great. Fit and finish are excellent. Also the case looks like it would protect the phone very well if it were dropped. Looks great also. Add to cart. Very high quality case! Love that the part holding the phone is a silicone type of material so it doesn't break off like normal plastic has in other cases! Thus far this has been great protection for my Nokia cellphone.

    Have dropped on a number of occasions and it has not cause my phone any problems. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. I'm pretty sure that it would protect my phone if I drop it. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Actually fits the Lumia It's been hard to find a case that actually fits the Lumia , but this one fits like a glove. It's cute and isn't as bulky as I was expecting. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five, is because it's difficult to get the phone out of the case.

    Only 4 left in stock more on the way. I wanted a case for my new Lumia that didn't feel bulky or look too flashy. Something without bright colors or corners that stood out. But I wanted my phone to be protected. This cover fit the bill in every category. The style is sleek and subdued, helping maintain the beautiful profile of the