Windows 7 samsung galaxy s3 not recognized

After trying all the phone and device manager settings from debugging to reinstalling and updating drivers, this is what worked: The drivers installed themselves. Then, I was able to select Use as Media Device from the phone notificaton menu. I double clicked My Computer, and opened Phone to display media.

I was also able to select USB tethering from phone settings to allow connection to the internet, which is what kicked this all off in the first place. What I also discovered during this process was how to set the phone up as a wi-fi hotspot. I just followed a neat youtube video detailing this, and was able to connect my laptop to the internet while I sorted out the rest of my problem.

Computer doesnt recognize Galaxy S3 as connected device

I had a similar problem, but with no error message. My computer just did not see my phone even though the computer recognized any other USB device i put in. My final solution was fairly simple, while the phone was still on I removed the battery from the phone and left it out for 5 minutes.

Then I reinstalled the battery and turned the phone on. After plugging the phone into my computer via the USB cord I had a connection phone to computer. It's obvious that W7 should have recognized it even if Kies software were not installed.

Phone not detected in laptop PC - Phone not recognized

That was with main before updating to new android. Solution for me: Try using a toothbrush or a safety pin to get the lint out. This worked for me. If you are using Android 4. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Galaxy S3 is unable to transfer files over USB: Android Quesito Is the device unlocked at the moment you plug it?

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Have you checked the device manager in case you're using Windows 7? Here's a link for the Verizon model: Andy Andy 31 1. Hope this helps some others. No, I do not have a technical explanation for this. Ruben Owen Ruben Owen 11 1. This didn't work for me, but in opening up the case I did discover that it was desperate need of a cleaning, so it was helpful in that regard. Can anybody help me to resolve this most upsetting situation? Message 1 of Accepted Solutions.

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Best Answer set by superziad. Even so it might be worth heading over to the Samsung website and getting the latest USB drivers for your phone and installing them.

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You also need to make sure your phone is in the correct mode. This varies slightly from phone to phone but try this. Go to "Settings" , "Storage". Now press on the 3 dots in the top right corner these might be in a slightly different location on your phone.

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Press on it. You'll now be in a menu with two choices and three possible combinations. Press the tick button for "Media device MTP.

This should connect your phone to your PC. If it still doesn't work open the menu again and press "Camera PTP " this should give you access to your photos. If neither work then it's getting more complicated. Try my suggestions first and if they don't work then get back to us on the forum here for more troubleshooting steps.

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If all else fails just make sure you have your phone setup to back your pictures up to Google and you can access them on your PC from your Google account. Message 5 of Message 2 of Hi, Samsung changed Kies for Smart Switch so maybe you need to download that and install. Message 3 of I found this for you I recently experience the same problem with my GS3, found an article suggesting turning off the phone, remove the battery, wait 15 seconds, put the battery back and on the phone.

I after following these steps connected the phone to my laptop and it was able to recognize the phone. Message 4 of Message 6 of Your PC will not recognise your phone until you install the Samsung usb drivers. Here they are: Message 7 of Message 8 of Thank you for this. Message 9 of Thank you. I will look into this.