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See available APKs. Attention, the app is not compatible with your device for Samsung Galaxy Y S It will tighten and you will turn into a slave, which is tied to the Internet and your smartphone She will suck your money she is ready to suck up all your free time So play on health, but do not go to extremes, which can ruin your real life, in which everything is actually not exposed to the game mechanics. Download latest.

Previous 43 version of this app. Clash of Clans Clash of Clans 9. Clash of Clans 8. This is a huge bug. Hopefully they get it settled soon. Sen 27 Jan , at I can't download clash of clan in my android KitKat 4. Why reply me as soon as possible?????? Try deleting your cache and data on your Google Play Store App and then reboot your device.

I can't download coc in my phone 4.

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Pls reply as soon as possible plssss Try deleting the data and cache from your Google Play Store App and then rebooting your device. Rahman Hasib 27 Jan , at Romeo Maryann 27 Jan , at Why device isn't compatible with version in my phone Galaxy s5 Samsung pls fix it. Try clearing out your Google Play Store App's data and cache, then rebooting your device. I can not download in. Coc is nt opning after upgrade. Brandon Girod 27 Jan , at Try this: After that, you'll want to clear data and clear cache. If that doesn't work, try signing in and out of the Google Play Store and then reboot your phone.

I rebooted my phone. No go I then factory reset my phone and still it doesn't work. I'm sorry to hear that. It seems to be a major bug that's affecting a lot of devices. Hopefully they can get it fixed soon. Dino 26 Jan , at It was fine before, now it's not compatible. Please fix it. Rudy 26 Jan , at Me too after the update it says it isnt compatibel with your device my phone is samsung s5.

Erwin 26 Jan , at Please fix the problem of the 4. Hanna needs help 26 Jan , at Got redirected today to do update and do the update and it says my device isn't compatable 18th my device Keep in mind I have had the app for months month and no problema. Ashton Keiser 26 Jan , at I had clash of clans a few weeks ago on my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. I uninstalled and now I want to get it again. It just says your device isn't compatible with this version. Please add it on all Samsung Devices. Try signing out of Google Play Services and signing back in before doing a reboot of your phone.

Hanna 26 Jan , at Mine is saying the same thing I have had it for montha now. Ivy 23 Jan , at It says its not compatible anymore. Please fix this. It spoils the fun. Barb 17 Jan , at Will this app going on the Android 4. Brandon Girod 18 Jan , at They've acknowledged the issue, but it appears to be taking them a while to implement a fix.

The best thing to do would be to go to the SuperCell forums and mentioning the issue. Mike 12 Jan , at I just bought Samsung Galaxy Tab3v, and its not compatible How sad Can you fix it, please Brandon Girod 14 Jan , at This is a known bug, here is what SuperCell is suggesting users do: Another suggestion is to re-install the whole Google Play Store App.

After that try to install Boom Beach again.

Download Clash of Clans for Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y

Shan 12 Jan , at Just reset my samsung galaxy tab 3 and no longer compatible, ugh. Fix it! This seems like a bug that was introduced in an update back in December. It seems like a bug that a lot of other users are experiencing. Sebi 10 Jan , at Are you not able to download it from the Play Store? There should be a drop down menu that lists the reason the app isn't compatible with your device. Brandon Girod 10 Jan , at Visit their app on the App Store or go to their website to download the game.

Iamrazer 10 Jan , at Ihave HTC desire g nd I am running on 4. Just got new tablet but cannot install clash of clans. I live in the Netherlands. I was playing a few games until yesterday when we did a factory reset on our tablet. Then suddenly I can't re-install coc and a few others because they are now incompatible. I can't even find them in the google play app or store.

Try going to this site and see what it says: September 13 Jan , at Bh 08 Jan , at But I can't do that because I can't install the game again. Fleur Seann here 06 Jan , at My smartphone cannot install the app it says it's incompatible withmy device. Thank you - Fleur Seann here. Brandon Girod 06 Jan , at Hi, Fleur Seann.

What type of device do you have and what region of the world do you live in? Brandon Girod 03 Jan , at Are you unable to find it or does it say it's incompatible? What operating system is on your laptop? Windows laptops can download software called BlueStacks that works as a virtual emulator for Android. You could download and play the game via BlueStacks. Odell spivey 30 Dec , at My android is a 4. Hi, what region do you live in, and are you trying to download the game directly from the Play Store? Me too cannot install CPC. I recently update my fanar tablet version 4.

Dane 25 Dec , at Too many problem on downloading coc.. How to update my clash of clans for my nokia x? Help me guys.. VIN 26 Dec , at Delete the game but make sure u hav linked that account and download it from chrome or etc. Aaron 24 Dec , at I cannot download coc on my Samsung galaxy neo, it is 4. On my tablet it plays perfect I just don't need carrying the tablet anymore.

Clash of Clans for Samsung Galaxy Y S - free download APK file for Galaxy Y S

Nede 02 May , at Tariq Abdulla 28 Dec , at A lot of people with this issue, you might try contacting supercell. How can I download coc in my skk swift I've been playing it in my cell phone. After that update, its not compatible Not compatible why? Not work on zenfone5 android 4. Donald Trump 21 Dec , at This coc is annoying us very much whenever I download it it always says a new version is available. I have a galaxy tab 4 version 4. HELP 18 Dec , at My cellphone is Samsung J1 why it is isn't compatible? Tariq Abdulla 19 Dec , at I don't know, it all seems quite random as to whast phone works or doesn't.

Check if you can update Android Jubayer 15 Dec , at There are a lot of compatibility issues with this game that appear to be bugs. SkY41R 15 Jan , at Dreev 15 Dec , at I really love this game clash of clans. But after supercell release the december update. I can't update it. It says "Your device isn't compatible with this version" But when I check my other phone.

There is no problem on updating, but the version of that phone is just 4. I can't understand why the latest version can't update the app. While the old version can? Please do fix this.. I want to play it again. I don't know. Last few days I enjoyed playing this fucking game but know I can't. John Gilloon 14 Dec , at Let me know if this helps? I updated HTC M8 now it says game not compatible with my device!!! Suhaimi 13 Dec , at Tariq Abdulla 14 Dec , at M upgrading my game last time thaen its not open in new version even its also not open in old version Next, try reinstalling the game, and if you can't do it from the play store, try from elsewhere like uptodown or apk mirror.

Yohan 13 Dec , at It's not compatible on my Samsung galaxy tab 4 too is there anyway I could download it. Piolo Paksiw 12 Dec , at Am I the only one having this kind of problem? Anthony 13 Dec , at Ameera Usman 11 Dec , at Y this game is not compatible Huawei p7 plz fix I want coc. Alex 11 Dec , at I don't really get it either. Could be just some temporary issue they are having, maybe you can check back now? Rigzen 11 Dec , at Please help me I have a problem Wht hppn m download new version coc bt not opn unfortunately has stopped why? Friends I found a working idea which is simple jus get the game from from our friends through Bluetooth and install it tats it i got game.

Latest update is not the biggest its the worst ever update Full of bugs.. I think developer planned to gain fame all over the world with this update.. Bulshit update. Christian Gruta 11 Dec , at Can you help me supercell community. Why I cant download the new coc update on my 4. Rohan 11 Dec , at I hear a lot of complaints like this I hear a lot of complaints like this. Make sure you have the latest android you can get, or try installing the apk from somewhere else David 15 Dec , at Jhie Zphykherz 10 Dec , at I play coc for a month and now i cant play it anymore coz once if I attempt to installed theres a msg show that my device was jot compatible Mike Perez 10 Dec , at I don't know what happened with this update but now I can't play clash of clans and it doesn't even let me download it frm Google play store.

It's says my Samsung Galaxy 5S in not compatible with it. ViCkY 10 Dec , at Im using Xperia T2 ultra dual android 5. Excalifork 10 Dec , at I hope you all have tablets and ipads, bc it seems they don't want you playing on phones anymore. I don't think they've stopped it working on phones; it just seems a bit arbitrary whether people can update the game or not. Apong 10 Dec , at I can't even update Isa 10 Dec , at Me neither, just bought a New phone- wiko highway signs.

It suckss! I cant update the new version bcuz my device is not compatible. Bullshit update. Check if you can update android, or try reinstalling the game maybe. Im using Samsung S DUOS 3 i played coc for a month in this device i have to update my game but it shows my device is not compatible what can i do. Try to click the button "install from google play" that is on this page. And then click the update button. Thats what i just did earlier. I also experienced the same problem as yours. I don't even see CoC in google play. There's a big list of hax for the game, but the game itself is no longer there.

I don't know, there seem to be a lot of these sort of problems with coc. Can you reinstall it? I'm pretty sure you need a google account for coc - there are some apps where you can use other accounts to log in to them, but generally I think you still need a google account to download them from the play store. Tariq Abdulla 12 Dec , at I think you need a google account, if you're playing on android.

Tariq Abdulla 04 Dec , at Have you tried from the play store? If it's showing incompatible for you, I'm afraid there is not much you can do Same here bro I think there something wrong with the update. Tariq Abdulla 30 Nov , at I'm not sure, perhaps the compatability could be due to something else. You could try searching for the apk from some other source Tariq Abdulla 25 Nov , at Not sure, but have they checked whether they can update android on their tab? Alexes 20 Nov , at After install, phone storage still have 1.

I tried to clear ram or boost game application or do factory reset, reinstall COC but it is the same. I also tried set either Phone or SD card storage also same. May I know what should I know. Make sure you have an internet connection etc. Sorry if this isn't any real help.. Alex 19 Nov , at Device clash of clan. Tariq Abdulla 16 Nov , at Sorry I can't help you any further.

I lost my village it is town hall 9 how can I get back,I don't have a google account. Tariq Abdulla 13 Nov , at I'm not sure about this, but how exactly did you lose it? Did your phone die? Are you totally sure you don't have a google account, as I think you need one to download apps from the play store? Tariq Abdulla 10 Nov , at Manish rai 04 Nov , at John 23 Nov , at It's not even there I also tried googling it but it doesn't work I wanna play on my th7 account!!!!!

Sorry that we can't really help. You may be able to find an older version, but I'm not sure if you are really able to run it or not Ryan 12 Oct , at Why is my galaxy tab Tariq Abdulla 14 Oct , at Tariq Abdulla 06 Oct , at Tariq Abdulla 01 Oct , at Just log in with the same details on your device. It is possible to use multiple google accounts on the same device, just go to "add accounts" in your settings if you need to add a new one.

Tariq Abdulla 27 Sep , at I can't install the update. Tariq Abdulla 23 Sep , at I am not sure whay could be causing that, could it be that your phone is stuck at an older version of an droid? Dexter 18 Sep , at Since u update the coc to new version I cant play on it in mai device nokia xl Tariq Abdulla 18 Sep , at We are not in control of coc, but I'm aware there have been some issues with it around updates.

Piyush 04 Oct , at Do you think that installing an old version will make us able to play coc or we have to update it to the latest version. I just tried it, and it seems like this is a problem Shubham Deshmukh 12 Sep , at Clash of clans troops is not seeing not good mobile picksals my mobile verction KitKat 4. Tariq Abdulla 13 Sep , at I can install clash of clans on my font samsung galexy s 2.

Tariq Abdulla 01 Sep , at Tariq Abdulla 28 Aug , at Tariq Abdulla 24 Aug , at Tariq Abdulla 17 Aug , at I believe your phone is not upgradeable beyond Android 4. You can tap "software information" or similar to see what Android version you have. Byan 11 Aug , at Tariq Abdulla 13 Aug , at Not sure..

Sam 08 Aug , at I can't guarantee it, but you may find an older version of coc works for you clash-of-clans. Tariq Abdulla 06 Aug , at Rony c 30 Jul , at I cant install coc in my phone which is ginger bread 2. Tariq Abdulla 31 Jul , at You can find older versions of coc, which may work for you. I cannot save my village. Tariq Abdulla 29 Jul , at Vince 20 Jul , at Tariq Abdulla 20 Jul , at Dudz Mendrez 13 Jul , at Tariq Abdulla 14 Jul , at Sania 10 Jul , at Hey I'm not able to connect my clash of clans account to Google play Althouse all of my apps are up to date.

It have Xperia L. I beg you help me please Tariq Abdulla 13 Jul , at It ought to do this when you first open the app. What does it say? Tariq Abdulla 12 Jul , at Monti 06 Jul , at Nokia xl is not good for clash of clans Does it crash, or it just doesn't start at all? Is updating Android an option for you? Is the older version of coc still work? If you can't update Android, but coc is still working, you may just have to leave it s it is I play coc.. Tariq Abdulla 01 Jul , at This can happen, and it's unfortunate. Sometimes you simply aren't able to make the updates to keep with the game requirements.

At least Google Play should have stored your game progress, for when you eventually change phone. Jeffrey 20 Jun , at Tariq Abdulla 23 Jun , at Hi Jeffrey, I'm afraid we don't have any direct control over the apps we review, you might be best contacting Supercell directly about this.

Dane 17 Jun , at Is it compatible with galaxy grand gt-i? I downloaded and install the app but it wont open, the screen was just black Tariq Abdulla 17 Jun , at If it allowed you to download and install, then it should be compatible. But sometimes games don't run for all sorts of reasons. Could it be memory? Y xperia e is not compatible of this latest version? Sad help pls.!!! Tariq Abdulla 14 Jun , at Is it possible that you need to update Android to the latest version?

I'm not sure. Click on the "free version" link above. When you go through to the play store, what do you see. If it says "download", then you can download it. If it says "not compatible", I'm afraid you can't get it. Tariq Abdulla 09 Jun , at I should think so.. Just download it from the "free version" link above.

Snehil 08 Jun , at I should think so. Try downloading via the "free version" link above. Kenneth 02 Jun , at Tariq Abdulla 05 Jun , at You can, but I guess it's not officially supported. There are download links and instructions here: Tariq Abdulla 01 Jun , at Are you downloading it from the Play store? You should try that first. However, coc requires Android 4, and your phone is running Android 2.

Tariq Abdulla 31 May , at What exactly prevents you installing coc or other games? What error messages do you get? Tariq Abdulla 25 May , at Hi Luis, if you have a look at the tabs up there, there is one called "download". If you click on that, and click on "free version", it will take you to the Google Play site, where you can remotely install the game onto your phone as long as you are logged in to your google account. There's also a link you can use in your mobile browser or a QR code you can scan. In all kinds of tablet can i used to download coc? Or depend on the brand of tablet and cellphone?

There will be some phones or tablets, particularly low spec or older ones, for which Clash of Clans won't be compatible. What is the model of your cellphone? Hi Darwin. Have you clicked on the "free version" link in the "How to Download" area above? Krisztian 15 May , at Vlad Popa 17 May , at Hello, Unfortunately we have no control over the apps we review. This issue is better suited for the app's developers. Vlad Popa 11 May , at Hello, I do not believe there will be an update that will include lower Android versions. Please note that this is merely my humble opinion on the matter.

Christos 03 May , at Vlad Popa 07 May , at Click on the "Free Version" link, found above the review. It will direct you to the appropriate Google Play page. There make sure you are logged in with the same Google account on both your PC and your Android device before clicking the "Install" button. A new pop-up should appear allowing you to select your device, and if no issues arise to initiate a remote installation on your device. Alternatively you can scan or input the QR code Also found above the review into your Android device and it will direct you to the download page. Please let me know if you require more assistance.

Dhadz 03 May , at How to update clash of clans in Lenovo.. Vlad Popa 03 May , at Hello, If there is an update available then simply make sure you have an internet connection and scan or input the QR code into your Android device. It should take you to the app's page.

There you should have the option to update. For future reference please always mention your exact device model and OS version so the information provided is as accurate as possible. Let me know if you require further assistance.

Clash of Clans, free download for Samsung Galaxy Y Plus S5303

What is wrong with the kindle fire hd 6. Why can I no longer play clash of c. Hello, Unfortunately the Play Store is not available for the Nokia X series, which means the only way to update the app is to delete it from your device and reinstall a newer version. Please note that because Google Play is not available it may mean that all progress made on your device will be lost. Let me know if you require more assistance. Vlad Popa 29 Apr , at Hello, I am not sure as to why you were previously able to install the app, yet its newer versions require a device with better screen quality in order to function.

As your device is incompatible, that is also the reason as to why it does not appear in the Play Store for you. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. I can't install the clash of clans in my lenovo A android ver. Any help please? Vlad Popa 18 May , at Hello, Unfortunately if Google Play indicates an incompatibility then there is not much that can be done about it. I am unsure as to why it would indicate that yours is incompatible.

Vlad Popa 26 Apr , at Hello, Clash of Clans requires Android 4. Sadly there is no way around this. Please let me know I can assist you with anything else. Hii admin I'm using xolo q and graphics for coc is so bad in my phone i can't see the right color of the troops. Samsung user 19 Apr , at Vlad Popa 20 Apr , at Hello, I'm afraid your device does not meet the minimum requirements for the app.

How to google sign in on nokia x Vlad Popa 14 Apr , at Tito Balatayo 21 Apr , at Vlad Popa 22 Apr , at More information on how to root it and install Google Play can be found here: Sandy 11 Apr , at How do I do this please? Hello, Most likely you have not proceeded through the tutorial.

The menu interface is only available after performing the tutorial. Here's a quick guide to syncing your devices: Go to the tutorial. In order to sync accounts, you need to go through the tutorial. Select Privacy Settings. Configure your Android device. Configure your iOS device. Generate the connection code. Enter the code on your Android device. That should do it. Hi admin Vlad Popa 07 Apr , at Hello, It is possible that some compatibility issues may have arisen with the new version. My advice would be to contact their customer support by sending an email to this address: Aaron 06 Apr , at Hello, I am unfamiliar with the device.

The only Raspberry Pi device i know of is the build it yourself model. Can you please tell me the exact model you are using? For the build it yourself one, CoC is not available as it can only be installed on Android devices. Vlad Popa 06 Apr , at Hello, It mostly depends on the actual device to have an OS version higher than Android 4. I'm not sure about the 3. Again, it is also device dependent, so I cannot say for certain without knowing what devices they are. Khan khan 04 Apr , at Hello, Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy Y is a rather old device and is incompatible with this app.

It requires a better screen, both in size and resolution along with a newer version of Android OS in order to function. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please let me know. Dwhite 02 Apr , at Hello, Indeed it does work on devices with those screen sizes, yet your tablet has an older version of Android OS, which is most likely the reason it does not work for you as it requires Android 4. Blake 24 Mar , at I plan on buying a Sony xperia e1 for a good price. I would really like to know iff clash of clans would be compatible on it. An answer would be appreciated.

Also if possible, can someone please tell me off mine craft would work on it too? Vlad Popa 02 Apr , at Hello, I'm afraid all manner of issues can arise on device clones. In order to provide you with accurate information, I will need to know some more details: What exactly happens when you try to download, install and launch the app Please be as descriptive as possible. What is the exact device model and OS version you are using. Bree 04 Apr , at You should install bluestacks app player. It is available on their website.

Works fine for me. I'm also using a dell laptop.

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Hello, I'm afraid the app is only available for Mobile devices. Des 21 Mar , at My Samsung galaxy fame is not compatible to clash of clans. Vlad Popa 22 Mar , at Hello, Unfortunately, to my knowledge the app requires a better screen that that from the Samsung Galaxy Fame. Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. Sarah Tadashi 21 Mar , at What's Up, Buddy. Is there any way to play clash of clans in my tab? Thank you and much appreciated. Hello, Unfortunately there is no way to do so.

The app requires Android 4. Chong 01 Apr , at Hello, Not that I am aware of Ranjith 19 Mar , at Hi clash of caln not support nokia xl gmail accont,plase help me. Vlad Popa 17 Mar , at Hello, Unfortunately there is little you can do about this issue other than rooting your device and installing Google Play yourself, which I do not really recommend unless you really know what you are doing. Excuse me can you give me a site where I can download that you are saying. Hello, I do not believe it is normally available for your device as it has a very outdated version of Android.

Perhaps if you root the device and manually install a newer version it may work. Tanay 12 Mar , at Please help! I want to play clash of clans but i have android 3. How can i play? Vlad Popa 13 Mar , at Hello, Unfortunately there is no way. The app requires a higher version of Android to function.

Please let me know if there is anything else i can assist you with. Jane 10 Mar , at Alek Garcia 09 Mar , at Nigel Gaston 07 Mar , at Is there any way to save and backup my progress? Vlad Popa 08 Mar , at Hello, Not to my knowledge. The only possible workaround would be to root your device and install Google Play, though i do not recommend this course of action. Jepoy Sernicula 07 Mar , at Hello, Unfortunately this is not an issue that I am aware of. You could try bringing it up to the developers and see if it gets resolved.

Vlad Popa 04 Mar , at Hello, Do you mean insufficient storage space? Then the only thing to do is clear some unneeded content from your device's internal storage, or if you have set your device to install directly to an SD card then clear space on the storage card. Joseph Melgar 02 Mar , at Vlad Popa 02 Mar , at To my knowledge CoC was not available for them but you may check the proprietary appstore on the device in case it has become available.

Vlad Popa 01 Mar , at Hello, To my knowledge the app is not available on Kindle devices. Also please describe your issue in greater detail and make sure to include any error messages displayed. Let me know and I will do my best to assist you. NN 24 Feb , at Vlad Popa 18 Mar , at Hello, Not to my knowledge, no. It may be possible to root the device in order to have access to Google Play. Download it using opera mini or Bluetoot 23 Feb , at Pavan 11 Feb , at Vlad Popa 11 Feb , at The small size means that they cannot have a decent cooling system.

This means that for powerful games and apps your device will get hot. There is no way to avoid it. PLS do somethin. Vlad Popa 09 Feb , at Hello, Unfortunately we have no control over the apps we review and I'm afraid that some devices simply are incompatible with some apps available on Google Play. My advice is to make sure that all the latest Android updates have been installed and try again.

Hello, Unfortunately we do not have any control over the apps we review, the direction they take is up to their individual developers.