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EarlyMon The PearlyMon. Then check out the Spigen mentioned by KupKrazy in the second post - good stuff!

JSchu22 Android Enthusiast. Dec 13, 29 43 Tampa. Make sure it's the r model slim. Sep 19, 22 38 Los Angeles, CA.

Seidio Surface Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 (Best Buy Platinum PT Case) w/ Holster

I've also tried the expensive Steinheils I guess they changed their name to Spigen , and I had to replace them because the edges wouldn't stick or they'd unstick after a month or two. FYI, Realook also makes liquid applied screen protectors that are garbage, so stay away from those. Question, is the Glas. I'm thinking about buying one of those, even though they cost more than 5x the price of a Realook. Ghost Armor.

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If you want to check them out in person or have it applied by their techs. Flyguy94 likes this. Looks good but isn't the smoothest. I put the Tech Armor crystal clear one on my wife's S3 and it is really smooth. Like nothing is there and good fit. When mine goes bad i'll get the Tech Armor for mine.

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I agree with everyone that the Gorilla Glass is the nicest feel, but I have scratched it before on an S3 and an EVO so I am just being overly cautious. KupKrazy Android Enthusiast. Jun 26, 88 Male The Big Apple. I've tried the steamy bathroom trick to no avail. The only thing that works for me is to use Scotch tape when I install those cling type SPs. And that works great! Any dust particles that sneak under while I'm working are quickly removed with one piece of tape to lift a corner and another piece of tape to snag the errant debris from the screen or back of the SP.

Android26 Android Enthusiast. Dec 25, 40 78 Atlanta, GA. How in the world would a thin transparent film protect your screen from shattering when you drop it? Screen protectors are there to protect the naked glass from scratching up against keys, fingernails, etc.

10 of the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Gorilla Glass 3 does not need scratch protection. Jun 11, Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

I agree with the gorilla glass. Its not made of diamonds its glass so it can get scratched and can break. Nothing wrong with extra protection. Share This Page Tweet. Then, using the home button, align the screen protector with your handset, and carefully apply it. If you have any air bubbles surface, use the cleaning card to remove them. This is an anti-glare screen protector, so it does protect against the glare you would normally get from the sun when outside.

Overall, it looks really great when installed, and it really prevents any sort of glare really well, making media consumption fairly nice when out and about. Next up is our Muvit screen protectors — one is glossy and one has a matte finish.

Best Screen Protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (video)

We have our usual installation procedure here, including the cleaning of the screen with the supplied cloth. As usual, carefully align the protector with the home button, and then simply apply it. Use your finger and installation card to remove the uninvited air bubbles. The Muvit matte screen protector looks awesome on the Galaxy S4, and to be honest, it looks nicer than the Casemate HD. Last up is the Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector.

I opted to not use the full coverage, as I just wanted to focus on screen protection in this video. Now, this is a wet application screen protector, so unlike the others, you should power off your device before applying it.

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As usual, clean off your device with supplied cleaning cloth. Peal off the plastic from the InvisibleShield, revealing the adhesive side, and spray the application fluid right on that adhesive side. Never spray it directly on your smartphone. Finally, line the protector up with the home button, and carefully apply it on the Galaxy S4.

10 of the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Use the squeegee to work out the application fluid towards the sides of the device. In my opinion, out of all the screen protectors, the InvisibleShield offers the most protector. After all, it is a military grade screen protector, and them materials are used to coat helicopter wings. That should be a testament to its durability. You can find their full list of Galaxy S4 protectors here.

ClearPlex 'Custom' Screen Protector from Best Buy

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