Injustice gods among us walkthrough for ipad

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Why are you reporting this comment? Please do not be rude, what may be obvious to you may not be to others. Jan 25th pltwizzy How do I get unlimited power credits. Aug 28th Guest injustice combos?

May 16th Guest I want batman how can i get him Plan tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me how to get him. Mar 16th Guest Here's the way to get free credits. May 3rd Guest I dont understand. Mar 13th bigboyz How do you beat scorpion. Mar 13th tahaz help pls. Mar 13th Guest help asd. Feb 23rd Guest How to get unlimited money?

Injustice: Gods Among Us Cheats, iPhone/iPad

Feb 22nd Guest How do I unlock Lobo? Feb 18th Guest Is ravens father a playable character? If so how do I get him? Feb 12th Guest I want every charter now!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 5th Guest Soon as you find out let me know. Jan 4th Guest How do i unlock ares please tell me thank you help me pleaseeeeee. Jan 3rd Guest I dont know know. The reason: Do take note that this team will have severe problems beating battle It's not impossible, just difficult.

This saves your gold cards energy to be used for the harder fights. Once your team bronze team has reached a certain point though, you will not be able to progress any further. This is the time when you should buy Red Son packs, exclusively, until your RS team is all Elite V, which will cost 2,, for those without , discounted Red Son pack and is enough to easily beat everything in the main campaign. With the introduction of Challenge Mode, this is a significant changes to spending strategy for starting players. And they don't need to survive the fight, you can bring in a level 1 normal bronze lex luthor along with your level 40 V Elite Batman.

Challenge mode has certain challenges that ONLY allow all bronze characters, or bronze and silver characters obviously I use all silver for those! Therefore, the old strategy of saving your credits ONLY for 75k gold packs is no longer ideal, you would want at least a few strong bronze and silver characters to do the challenges. OK, When you first start the game, you have very few characters, I can't remember how many. Anyhow, With so few characters, you have very little energy, so you can't farm much!

So, the first thing to do is to buy 3 bronze booster packs. You'll probably end up poorer by 18k in exchange for 3 bronze characters. Keep playing the game as far as you can. If you lose a fight, strongly consider moving to the farming portion of the game, as described in 1 A Your next goal is to farm 50k credits and buy the starter pack assuming your version of the game sells it for credits not real cash.

The description is wrong, you can buy it more than once, I'm not sure whether it's a bug or not, but you can buy a starter pack every time you quit and restart the game or something. It will help your normal gameplay, AND make farming go a lot easier and faster. Your next step is to buy 1 more starter pack and some bronze packs in order to increase your total roster, and hence your total energy, hence your total farming ability.

Why not go straight for gold? Hence, 3x the farming capability. Also, once you have more than 8 bronze characters, stop buying bronze packs, since your chance of getting duplicates is too high. Buy the missing bronze characters directly instead. Your 2nd starter pack will leave you with fewer than 6 silver characters, since Harley Quin is a guaranteed duplicate.

If you have 4 silver characters, buy a 3rd starter pack. Once you have 6 silver and 12 bronze, it's time to start saving. You'll probably be strong enough to play quite a lot of the game without any more farming, so just play normally, saving up credits.

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  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Walkthrough and Game Guide -

Depending on your skill level and LUCK with characters, your next step will depend on when you reach your next "brick wall". Is your next obstacle a "huge" obstacle or a "minor" obstacle, ie is the fight "impossible" for your current roster or merely "just a bit too strong for you". If you just need a "slight" increase in power, and you have around 50k saved up, you can consider buying a gold pack.

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  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for iPhone - iPad (iOS)!

Your first gold character is a HUGE jump in your team's total power. If you are willing to wait though depending on your savings and farming ability , you should save up k and buy the red son pack. It's a guaranteed 3 gold characters for k, which frankly is the best balance between "starting cost" and "promoting to elite V cost" Assuming that your version sells the RS pack for k, not k.

This is the cost to get a new character into your roster. If you want a certain gold character badly enough to buy him directly, this is going to be from k to k per character. If you are willing to get ANY gold character, this costs 75k.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

If you are getting the red son pack, this is k, or k per character. To complete the game, you will absolutely need a minimum of 1 Elite IV gold character and a huge amount of luck and skill. More realistically, you would want a team of 3 Elite V gold characters. Hence, the importance of this category. If you are trying to promote MOST certain specific characters, this would cost between 2. Don't even try getting a team of 3 gold Elite V characters through gold booster packs.

If you are using the Red Son team, this will cost you 1. The Red Son team is the cheapest way to get a "complete the game" team. Not only that, but they are the strongest team in the game. Leading to my next section. With limitted credits, of course you want the best bang for your buck. You also want the strongest characters as your main team, so you can beat the game, right? Hands down. Only if you use all 3 characters in the same team. If you separate them out, then other gold characters are better than them. Strongest "solo" character in the game is probably Wonder Woman Regime.

Why are they the strongest team? Red Son Superman: For solo characters, the strong characters according to metal color, in descending order of strength, are: Batman Arkham Origins. Huge stats, and great passive that is almost "1 enemy dies at before combat begins". Too bad his price matches him!

Whole team starts with 1 bar of power. This is actually more powerful than most people realize. That's a total of 3 power bars. If you could have a team with 3x Batgirl, that'd be full super for your entire team. That passive is incredibly useful, if you use it right. A glass cannon, but with his passive, that's the best way for his stats to be!

Make sure to use your other character's power bars before he dies. Unfortunatly, he costs Alliance Credits instead of normal credits. You should buy just ONE card for him, then buy all the other AC support cards, since his utility doesn't increase so much by making him stronger.

Wonder Woman Regime.

Speed up your progress with our handy guide

Gains tons of power really fast and easy, especially against multi-hit enemies. Turned useless in current version, she only gains 1. His maximum health does not increase. Still good though. Completely buggy in current version.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Cheats for iPhone/iPad

Superman Regime. His level 2 is unblockable, and his passive is mighty Just use his level 2 when his passive activates, and do a bunch of damage, quick and easy. So, this is potentially like Doomsday having twice as much life? Harley Quinn Arkham. Animated Harley. Wonder Woman Super good. His level 1 special drains 1. Lex Luthor Insurgency. Green Lantern Regime. Make sure your enemy either has full power bar OR is ko-ed by his level 2 before you use it, because it will fill up almost 2 power bars if your enemy doesn't block it!

Solomon Grundy. But there is also no "overflow" damage from 1-hit moves, which means that if 10, max health Grundy has life and gets hit with 15, damage heat vision, he comes back with life. Note that for multi-hit attacks, like "man of steel", any subsequent hits after he resurrects still hit. Or, if blocking, from life, to life resurrect to life 2nd hit , to dead 3rd hit Harley Quinn Insurgency. Lex Luthor.

Superb stats, and he's got a good passive, just makes sure he land each KO. Flash normal. Strongest attack power in the game, very fast basic attacks, his 2nd move does a lot of damage and hits multiple times. Has good stats, and your opponents love to tag out when they're at low health. Lousy passive, and poor attack animations. The Joker Insurgency. Absolutely useless passive, level 2 does low damage. But his heavy attack hits 4 times, and is quite fast. Good for farming, poor fighter.

Lousy passive, his level 2 does low damage in exchange for freezing. Batman Insurgency. Weak level 1, weak passive, 1 C iv d y Silver: Regime Doomsday. Poor passive, since there are ways to hit with unblocked specials if you know how. Besides, usually you kill using super meter, so after he kills someone, he doesn't have any power meter. Also, level 3s are all unblockable anyway. Also, his heavy attack is only 2 hits! The Joker.