Status bar color ios 7 tweak

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Status Magic Adds Support for iOS 7 Status Bars

That might look something like:. This includes apps, daemons, and command line tools.

Images can be as wide or thin as desired. In all status bar styles listed above, there is usually some margin above and below the glyph. The dimensions you should use really depend on what looks best for the glyph. Take a look at the built in status bar icons, and possibly some from other tweaks, in your favorite image editor to see how they have been designed.

New iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks: Castro, SmartLowPower, Color Status Bar, And More

To see a full tutorial on how to use this library in your tweak, check out this video by Sassoty. Below mentioned are some the most awesome free cydia tweaks we have personally come across recently. All of them are available for free on Cydia and most of them are available on the BigBoss Repo. Some of these tweaks are so awesome that we suspect that they are soon going to be paid tweaks.

In addition, we have prepared a few more lists of Free Cydia Tweaks That you might like to take a look at. This free cydia tweak allows you to have as many Safari tabs as you like, by removing the default limit of maximum 24 tabs on iOS. The new limit is set to 1 million as mentioned by the DEV. This free cydia tweak allows you to align the contents of the status bar either to the left or the right; you can change that in the settings.

Additionally, you can make the carrier name appear or disappear and also choose a larger or smaller status bar.

Status Bar Specific Jailbreak Tweaks

Using this free cydia tweak you can remove the shutter sound of your camera when you take pictures, without having to put your phone in silent mode. Using this free cydia tweak you can continue your facebook messages chats even without having the Facebook Messenger app. As the name suggests, you can just blow to unlock your lock-screen. You can also set the sensitivity of the force you must use to unlock it. When you put your Apps on Jiggle Mode, you know that they all get a close mark on them suggesting you to close them if you choose.

On that close or cross mark you can customize the colors for different Apps by using AppColorClose. Using Chroma free cydia tweak you can set the default background color on your iOS to the color of your choice rather than the single blue color given by Apple.

ColorBar tweak gives users ability to change color of iOS's Status Bar - iOS Hacker

The color you choose on Chroma runs throughout the entire device on different locations wherever a background color is needed. The notification badges on your spring board and dock glow in different colors whenever an App has a pending notification to show.

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You can customize the colors. Using this free cydia tweak you can srub through songs on iTunes Radio in real time. You can also use unlimited skips on iTunes Radio. This free cydia tweak announces the song name and other details of the song audibly, just before the song is about to start. This free cydia tweak can be used to lock the phone, all the apps except the Settings app.